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  • GIFTS OF CASH (preferred)

    Gifts to Julia Morgan School for Girls can be made via cash or check. Please make checks payable to Julia Morgan School for Girls.

    Julia Morgan School for Girls accepts both Visa and Mastercard by clicking here.

    If your employer (or your partner's employer) offers a matching gift program, please contact them to secure a submission form. Check to see if your company sponsors a matching gift program.

    First Republic Securities Co, LLC [Receiving Firm]
    Account Name: Julia Morgan School for Girls (account #33L-121069)
    Clearing Firm: Pershing LLC
    Pershing LLC DTC# 0443
    *If you are donating cash, restricted stock, mutual funds other than common stock please contact First Republic Securities Company at for additional instructions.

    **Please notify Pam Maycroft at Julia Morgan School for Girls by email or phone 510.632.6000 x104 or fax 510.632.6301 of your intention to donate securities prior to initiating the transfer of securities to Julia Morgan School for Girls brokerage account.

    A donation of needed goods or services qualifies as a gift-in-kind. Possible examples are printing services, landscaping, and equipment. Please contact JMSG to inquire about current needs. Thank you in advance for your support!

    A planned gift (also known as a deferred or estate gift) is a wonderful way to support Julia Morgan School for Girls and may provide additional tax or financial benefits for you. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.
  • eScrip

    All you need to do is sign up, and the funds flow automatically to your designated programs. We have the potential to raise thousands of dollars for the school through your participation. Please take a few minutes to enroll; the fastest way is online at If you are not yet enrolled, have your Safeway, Macy’s or other credit/debit cards handy when you log-on. JMSG's ID is 137953974.
  • Amazon

    Did you know that you can help raise money for JMSG by shopping on Amazon? Start earning money for your favorite school!
Help maximize your JMSG contribution! Whenever possible JMSG prefers cash or check contributions to credit card gifts. The credit card companies charge a percentage to the School. Of course, all methods of payment are welcome!

For questions or more information, please contact