The mission of the athletics program at Julia Morgan School for Girls is to inspire and challenge students of all physical talents and interests to develop confidence, flexibility, strength, endurance, mental discipline, coordination, balance, and skill.

The goal for each student is to:
  • feel confident and comfortable in their body;
  • participate in a wide variety of physical activities;
  • become enthusiastic about an aspect of fitness, sports, or movement;
  • develop a lifelong commitment to movement, exercise, and healthy nutrition; and
  • strive for excellence either as a member of a team or in individual physical pursuits.

JMSG Team Sports

Julia Morgan School for Girls is a member of the Middle School Sports League of the East Bay and competes with other local middle schools in soccer, cross country, basketball, and volleyball. All sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are eligible to play on a team. Our program is free of charge, no previous experience is necessary, and all who try out will make a team. Our coaches practice a double-goal coaching model where we strive to win while pursuing the more important goal of teaching life lesons through sports. Coaches emphasize effort, enthusiasm, and teamwork, while developing athletic skills. The strength of our program depends on the commitment and good sportsmanship of the players, coaches, and parents who each play a pivotal role in creating a safe sports environment where all students can thrive.

Sport Seasons

Beginners - Mondays 3:30-5:00pm
Junior Varsity and Varsity - Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5:00 p.m.
  • Soccer-fall season
  • Cross Country-fall season
  • Basketball-winter season
  • Volleyball-spring season
Game schedules for each sport are shared during the first two weeks of practice. Questions? Please contact JMSG Athletic Director, Brandon Steele, 
"At a girls’ school, students compete against coed and all-boys teams in sports. Understanding they can compete against anyone is paramount."