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Welcome to Julia Morgan School for Girls! 
You may be interested in Julia Morgan School for Girls because you observe your daughter shining and want to assure that bright light is sustained through middle school. Maybe you witnessed a JMSG student or alum walking a little more boldly in the world and wondered what made the difference for her. Or you notice your daughter beginning to doubt her ability when you know her potential is there. Perhaps you want the best support for her in the current climate. Never has it been more urgent to provide an environment where girls excel in academics, learn how to advocate for themselves, grow in confidence in who they are, and take the helms of leadership. 
Why are her chances exponentially greater in an all-girls environment? 
JMSG focuses on the middle school years because experts recognize these years as the most critical juncture in a girl’s life. As the research shows, in coed settings girls tend to silence their voices, lose their confidence, and underestimate their academic skills. More disturbingly, studies indicate many of them never regain the confidence or skills, and potentially impact the rest of their lives.  

Our high-trust community allows each girl to reach her academic potential, challenging her to stretch in ways she never imagined. Every girl is encouraged to be her authentic self and take positive risks every day. The cumulative effect is transformative. Our belief in the power of each girl, giving her the opportunity to lead, learn, and be heard in every space she inhabits at school, supports her to speak up and step into her future as a confident, capable, creative, and compassionate leader.

Spend time exploring our website, read the research behind our practices, and please visit us. Now is the time to invest in your daughter’s future.


An Announcement from Sandra Luna, Head of School, and Steve Chan, President of the Board of Trustees

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