Welcome from Our Head

I am excited and honored to carry on the mission of our founders to create a unique learning environment tailored for girls. Julia Morgan School for Girls intentionally provides girls with the role models and mentorships that make a difference in their confidence and engagement in projects, academics, or skills they may find difficult or challenging. We support girls’ learning without the judgment, stress, pressure, and criticism that often can occur in coed learning environments. At Julia Morgan School for Girls, we are committed to ensuring students reach their full potential, build long lasting connections, connect to social justice issues in our community, develop global awareness, and build the academic foundation and social and emotional skills for high school and beyond.

Our students learn how to use their voices and listen to others. Julia Morgan School for Girls values social and emotional learning as well as community building. We teach our students how to have empathy and understand the experience of others. They understand how to share their own perspectives and opinions, how to have a “seat at the table,” and how to advocate for themselves and others. They learn how to organize, speak publicly, and host events. Our devoted faculty and staff work tirelessly to create an environment where girls thrive academically and socially. Julia Morgan School for Girls graduates are ready to take on challenges and leadership roles with vision, resilience, and tenacity.

Why a middle school experience for girls?
Middle school is the ideal time to support girls, as this is a time girls developmentally feel a drop in their self esteem, self advocacy, and determination. Middle school girls also demonstrate a decline in their interest in math and science, which can have long lasting impacts on future educational choices and opportunities. Julia Morgan School for Girls understands the tremendous growth and change that happens during the middle school years, and teachers strategically plan community building activities, extensive project learning, and leadership opportunities that expand as the girls mature. Our warm and caring environment ensures that every student is known and respected.

We support students to become confident, capable, creative, and compassionate leaders.

Please explore our website, read the research behind our practices, and visit us. Now is the time to invest in your child’s future.