Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

JMSG is a school that strives to educate and inspire the whole person. We are a community that values relationships, authenticity, empathy, and kindness. As we graduate and welcome a third of our community each year, we are continuously regenerating a culture that is grounded in multiple perspectives and voices and the common good. Ultimately, we are an institution dedicated to the uplifting of women and a better future for our youth. Our principles demand that diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice live at the heart of our daily work with girls.

At JMSG, we recognize that the road to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice has no ending. A commitment to diversity is woven into the founding charter of our school, but our commitment and approach to the work must be continually renewed. As a faculty, administration, and board, we are engaging with one another to have honest and critical dialogue about where we are as an institution and where we want to go. 

In the current landscape of extraordinary challenge and change, we see the path toward diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice as inseparable from the path to health, safety, and well-being, which we are leveraging every resource to pursue. As we enter into brave conversations at the institutional level, we have gathered a small, diverse team of faculty and staff to form a DEIJ Task Force that will lead JMSG in this journey. Their charge is to help set our priorities, articulate our approach, create a roadmap for action, and share our plans and progress with the larger community.