The Girls Fund

Help our girls realize their power and potential!

Our number one priority continues to be 100% participation from parents, board members, staff, and faculty in The Girls Fund which is our main JMSG fundraising campaign. Each year, all parents, board members, faculty, alum, friends, and grandparents receive letters asking for a tax-deductible contribution to the school. 

In addition to providing essential revenue for the operating budget, support of The Girls Fund also demonstrates to corporations and foundations, from whom we seek funding, that JMSG is an organization worthy of support. Because 100% participation is so important, we expect every family to participate. Every gift, large or small, makes a huge difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why does Julia Morgan School for Girls have The Girls Fund?

    JMSG, like most independent schools, relies on income beyond tuition to fully support its faculty and programs. One of the key sources of this additional income comes from unrestricted gifts to operations (The Girls Fund), which supports about 7% of the school’s operating budget every year. Since these gifts are used during the year in which they are received, JMSG depends on donors to support The Girls Fund every year.

    Every aspect of the school is touched by The Girls Fund dollars, including arts, math, sciences, athletics, Spanish, field trips, tuition assistance, technology, faculty salaries, professional growth, and campus maintenance. While JMSG’s community will find numerous opportunities to contribute to the school, the board of trustees has set The Girls Fund as its top fundraising priority because of the critical role it plays in supporting the school’s operations.
  • Are gifts tax deductible?

    Julia Morgan School for Girls is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization under the Federal Internal Revenue Code. Unlike tuition fees, all contributions to The Girls' Fund are deductible pursuant to the prevailing tax laws. All donors to The Girls' Fund receive a letter noting their gift amount, date of gift, and the disclosure that no goods or services were provided.
  • Why is Julia Morgan School for Girls called an independent school?

    Julia Morgan School for Girls is an independent school because it designs its own programs and curriculum. The school operates without financial support from the federal government or from California and is governed by its own elected board of trustees. Unlike public schools, which are funded by tax dollars, JMSG relies upon tuition and fundraising to meet its operating expenses.
  • Why doesn’t JMSG charge full cost instead of raising funds each year?

    The tuition that would be necessary to fund our current level of education would restrict even further the number of families who could afford to attend. This would limit enrollment which, in turn, could mean a cutback in programs and an undermining of the school’s commitment to making JMSG’s education affordable to as many families as possible.

    In addition, a for-profit business can cut costs through consolidation and streamlining. To employ these strategies at a mission-driven school like JMSG would require reducing staff or combining classrooms, making us unable to provide the individual attention and quality of education that everyone wants and expects for JMSG students.

Thank You For Your Support!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of our families and generous supporters who have pledged or given this year, including 100% of JMSG's Faculty and Staff!

Thank you to our grandfriends, alum families, alums, and friends of the school who have shown their continued support and for joining us in our fundraising efforts.

We are proud to share that your gift serves all of our students and helps to ensure an innovative learning experience, preparing the confident, capable, creative, and compassionate women of tomorrow. 

Many heartfelt thanks for your incredible support!

Designate Your Gift

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  • Flexible Tuition

    Your gift supports the cost of tuition for talented students who would otherwise not be able to attend JMSG.
  • Academics

    Julia Morgan School for Girls is committed to creating a challenging and inspiring academic program that encourages each girl to recognize and meet her potential through personalized attention, cooperative learning, and the guidance of expert teachers. Here are areas of interest you can support within our academic program - arts, humanities, mathematics, music, sciences/STEAM, and Spanish.
  • Athletics

    JMSG’s athletic program provides important opportunities for our students’ personal growth and achievement. The Girls' Fund helps pay for field trips, coaches, uniforms, and equipment.
  • Technology

    Technology plays an increasingly vital role in the life of our school, and your gift helps JMSG keep up with the latest advances by supporting hardware and software upgrades.
  • Professional Development

    Your contribution helps JMSG recruit and retain the best teachers while ensuring competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and opportunities for professional growth.