Why a Girls' School

Julia Morgan School for Girls is the first and only all-girls middle school in the East Bay. Research shows that girls do better in an environment created specifically for them. According to the American Association of University Women, “curricula continue to reflect inequities, as materials by and about women remain peripheral, and teaching approaches continue to favor predominantly male interactional styles. Girls’ self-esteem and confidence...particularly with regard to math and science, drop precipitously during their middle school years, narrowing their later choices of course work and career path.” However, at JMSG, they are empowered to define themselves and their abilities free from stereotypes and ready to take on the world because of the confidence a girls' school fosters.
Every year in preparation for their graduation ceremony, the 8th graders reflect on their JMSG experience. What makes JMSG different from other schools? How have they changed since they started JMSG? What will they take with them to high school and beyond? Watch the Reflections 2023 video to hear some of their answers.

"When girls go to single-sex schools, they stop being the audience and become the players.”

~Drs. Myra & David Sadker, "Failing at Fairness"
“I see my daughter as a potential leader, not so much as 'you have to follow me,' but 'watch what I do.'” ~Alum Parent ‘20
The International Coalition of Girls’ Schools demonstrates that in coed classrooms girls often contend with:
  • fewer opportunities to participate,
  • pressure to conform to stereotypes,
  • lowered teacher expectations,
  • limited encouragement in math & science,
  • unequal sports opportunities, and
  • insufficient female role models.
In contrast, at a girls’ school, they discover not only equal opportunity, but every opportunity. Students experience the freedom to speak up, ask questions, debate issues, and defend points of view. Girls fill every role at an all-girls school; they are the speakers, thinkers, writers, singers, artists, scientists, mathematicians, athletes, actors, and leaders. Graduates of girls’ schools are more motivated and have higher aspirations than their peers at coed schools.