Summer Activities

JMSG At-Home Activities

Recommendations for Academic Enrichment

MATH: Students’ accounts are active throughout the summer. Math teachers have starred recommended sections for rising 7th and 8th graders. Rising 7th grade students should complete the starred sections under "Seventh Grade Math" in IXL. Rising 8th grade students should complete the starred sections under "Algebra 1" in IXL. There is not a suggested order, but we do suggest making a study plan at the start of the summer.

READING & WRITING: Rising 8th graders received summer reading books from Scott, our 7th Language Arts and 8th English teacher, when they turned in iPads for the summer. Rising 7th graders will receive their summer reading mid-July. Students in every grade can peruse Summer Reading Suggestions 20-21 for book recommendations. In addition, Elizabeth, our 6th humanities teacher, and Maryann, our learning specialist, worked together to compile a list of Summer Writing Experiences 2020, which includes a range of resources to support writing in every grade.

For returning students
For New Students Entering 7th Grade:
Students come to JMSG with different experiences with Spanish (from zero to full bilingual fluency), and our differentiated Spanish program meets each student where they are at with their language skills. Incoming 7th graders with no previous Spanish experience do not need to "catch up" and will be supported to participate in the flow of class with more experienced students. That being said, new 7th graders would benefit from doing some practice with the free language learning app Duolingo, which is appropriate for beginners, over the summer to start getting comfortable with the language. Students can use a personal account, and their progress can be monitored if they join the 7th grade class on Duolingo, which they can do with the following link: or code: VWJDYP. See this PDF for all the steps in the process. 

Moments of Change Digital Time Capsule
--Artwork by Alana ‘22

All-School Challenge: One Thousand Paper Cranes
Work together as a JMSG community to make one thousand (or more!) paper cranes, each one containing a message of hope and healing to people affected by COVID-19.


JMSG Facilitated Activities

For New Students: Social Meetups 
Social gatherings on Zoom with 6th grade advisors facilitating get-to-know-you activities to build community.

This is for 6th grade students only. Parents need to help their children set up Zoom. The meeting info will be sent before each event.

Meetups will take place 5:30-6:30 PM:
  • Sunday, August 9
Questions? Contact Monika Chin at

Communications & Resources

My name is Gabby Goss. I graduated from JMSG in 2018 and am going to be a junior at Bishop O’Dowd High School. My sister, Zoe, is going to be a seventh grader at JMSG. I wanted to let you know that I am available for work this summer, whether it’s for tutoring, mentoring, or childcare, either remotely or in-person with safety precautions in place.

I have experience in filmmaking, math, science, English, theater, swimming (I underwent lifeguard training last summer, which included first aid and CPR), water polo (on the O’Dowd Varsity team), and singing (I take weekly lessons and have taken theater classes and been in plays). I have baby-sat and done math tutoring as well as watched my sister and her friends. While at JMSG, I was a student ambassador and am now a 4.0 student at Bishop O’Dowd.

Please feel free to get in touch at
Thank you!