All JMSG students are enrolled in a mix of classes designed to provide academic rigor in balance with social and emotional wellbeing over the three years. Core courses in math, humanities, science/STEAM, and Spanish provide rich subject-area learning. Academic classes promote joy in learning by engaging students in developmentally appropriate challenge and collaborative, hands-on activities while also preparing them for a broad array of high school programs. RISE (Resilience, Identity, Self-awareness, Empathy) and varied physical education classes help each student develop a positive self-image, healthy habits, and essential decision-making skills. Visual art and music classes as well as dance and theater performances foster creative expression.

Important Collaborations with Outside Organizations

Girls Leadership link to Girls Leadership here: JMSG has infused its RISE curriculum, as well as bolstered its relational model from partnering with Girls Leadership since 2011. Simone Marean, its co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, has offered faculty professional development and parent education to the JMSG community. She has also served as a member of the JMSG Board of Trustees.
About-Face link to About-Face here: In the second trimester, JMSG partners with About-Face to develop media literacy with a social justice focus. About-Face is an organization that “arms girls with the knowledge and tools they need to fight back against a culture that diminishes and disempowers them.”
Common Sense Media Link to Common Sense Media here: Common Sense Media is the national organization dedicated to helping children “thrive in a rapidly changing world.” Since 2014 JMSG has been a Common Sense Supporter School, and now a member of the Common Sense Premium School Program. Common Sense Media and JMSG believe that by “working together, educators and parents can empower young people to harness the power of media and technology for learning and life.” Through our membership Common Sense offers parent education opportunities, resources, and in-person professional development for educators, each supporting the importance of the home-school partnership.

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