Science and STEAM Spaces in Our Future

From the beginning of the School, the founders envisioned a true science lab for the girls of Julia Morgan School. To get ideas, members of the Board of Trustees, administrators and faculty visited several school sites in 2013 and 2014 including Stanford's, Seven Hills School, Katherine Delmar Burke School, East Bay School for Boys, and Castilleja. After visiting the Bourne Idea Lab at Castilleja School in Palo Alto and concurrent with the development of the STEAM class at JMSG, the Julia Morgan team also began dreaming of a separate maker space.
In the spring of 2014, JMSG engaged Susie Coliver and Bob Herman from Herman Coliver Locus Architecture (HCL) to explore options to create a real science lab and a maker space within our current building. JMSG convened a meeting with all the science, math, art, and STEAM teachers at JMSG to determine our priorities for each space. The team also met with Parker Thomas, a maker space consultant recommended to us by the The team considered several options within the main school building and determined that the best space would be to take over the entire bottom floor of the building for both the science lab and the maker space.  
Since those meetings, the architects have been working on a cost estimate for the project. To that end, JMSG engaged the services of Adam Coll from the Greystone West Company and Ray Keene, mechanical engineer from Engineering 350 to work with Herman Coliver Locus. At this point, they are investigating the possibility of using an existing channel in the building for the flue for the fume hood for the science lab and determining any other mechanical challenges and costs.