All JMSG students are enrolled in a mix of classes designed to deliver academic rigor in balance with holistic wellbeing over the three years of middle school. Core courses in math, humanities, science/STEAM, and Spanish provide rich subject-area learning. Academic classes promote joy in learning by engaging students in developmentally appropriate challenge and collaborative, hands on activities while also preparing them to advance in a broad array of high school programs. RISE (Resilience, Identity, Self-awareness, Empathy) and varied physical education classes help students develop a positive self-image, healthy habits, and decision-making skills. Art and music foster critical appreciation and creative expression with major opportunities for dance and dramatic performance folded into 6th and 7th grades. Each grade level also offers a signature enrichment class: STARS (Skills to Achieve Real Success) in 6th, Technology and Tools in 7th, and GO GIRL (Girls Out Getting Involved in Real Life) in 8th. For more information about the JMSG program, please have a look at our comprehensive curriculum guide.

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