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  • 6th, 7th & 8th Grade After School Sports Teams

    Julia Morgan School is a member of the Middle School Sports League of the East Bay and competes with other local middle schools in basketball, soccer, and volleyball. All 6th, 7th and 8th graders are eligible to play on the team. Our program is free of charge, no previous experience is necessary, and all who tryout make a team. Practices and games occur after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-5:00 p.m. Game schedules are determined within the first two weeks of practice. If we have enough girls to make two teams they are split into a JV and Varsity team. This decision is based on a skills assessment and ensures a better experience in competition with other teams at their level.
  • After School Offerings

    In addition to After School Study Hall and the After School Sports Program, Music Teacher Phil Gorman offers Chorus. It will take place after school on Mondays. Girls will have a chance to sing both melody and harmony parts. Chorus will focus on vocal technique, breath control, note reading, and singing in multiple parts. No experience necessary! 

    ​Technology Enrichment:
    Whether building with Legos, programming, researching or competing in a robotics or Technovation coding competition, the girls 
    work on small teams to perform exciting technicalchallenges. Both opportunities have a mandatory commitment to practices and competitions. Robotics will be offered on Wednesdays and Fridays until November (specific date TBD based on competition). Technovation begins in January and will also take place on Wednesdays and Fridays​. For girls who want to get a head start on their Technovation apps, there are optional drop-in coding sessions during lunch.

    Improv meets once a week on Wednesdays. Students learn theatre games and storytelling skills and will play and make stuff up! They will practice ensemble skills and positive risk taking in a space that celebrates messsteaks...mistakes! Girls will learn to think and imagine on their feet! All grades welcome!
  • Community Time

    In the 2013-14 school year, JMSG piloted a new element of the schedule to bolster our relational model: a “band” of time stretching across the week to ensure that we are connecting as a community every day. Our intention behind this: 

    Community Time has been to promote bonding among peers, to facilitate student contact with teachers, to support student self-advocacy, and to create space for us to share, celebrate, and play together as a school community.

    Community Time looks different each day of the week:

    On Mondays, we all gather together in the Ming Quong Room for All-School Meetings led by 8th grade students. There, we acknowledge birthdays, honor Women and Girls of Courage, give shout-outs, and gain inspiration from guest speakers and special presentations.

    On Tuesdays and Fridays, we gather in grade-level Advisory groups to learn about ourselves and peers through reflection activities and check-ins. The group experience of Advisory lends itself to a sense of “home” at school, and each advisor is available as the school’s “primary care person” for advisees and their families.

    On Thursdays, we gather by grade-level in either Study Hall/Office Hours groups or as a whole grade for Class Meetings. Study Hall/Office Hours afford students the opportunity to work on assignments at school with the support of their peers and teachers, and students are strongly encouraged to seek out their teachers one-on-one during this time to clarify understanding and make a personal connection. In Class Meetings, we make announcements, plan and engage in fun community building activities, and learn from films and special presentations that tie in to our academic curriculum.

    On Wednesdays, girls participate in Families, making positive connections with peers across grades with the guidance of faculty and staff mentors. Families check in, engage in discussions, play games, and work on projects together. Whereas Advisory focuses on specific topics, sometimes sensitive and/or confidential, Families focus on creating a sense of cross-grade bonding through fun activities. Subsequently, each Family has its own unique character, as mentors are encouraged to plan activities that engage their strengths while promoting connection and a sense of joy at school. Highlights from the past two years have included: “upcycled” artwork, student-designed scavenger hunts, random acts of kindness for other Families, and an all-school balloon stomping tournament.
  • Cornerstone

    In response to studies that show adolescents tend to benefit from a later start for academic classes, we have found that Cornerstone offers a slower, more relaxed start to the day, allowing girls to connect with teachers and staff, to settle into the day, and to be much more ready to learn when time is on their side!
    This year's offerings from 8-8:50 a.m.:

    • Blueprint (yearbook – open to 8th graders only; requires two Cornerstone periods a week, both Monday and Thursday, and is a year commitment)
    • Library Lounge
    • Yard Games
    • Laptop study hall for homework only
    • Band: Girls need at least 2 years of instruction on an instrument OR at least 1 year of instruction AND currently taking lessons OR a conversation with Phil, parent/guardian, and student to discuss readiness. Girls will also need an instrument (and amp, rosin, reeds, or other necessary accessories). Girls learn to play and create music with a team. They focus on rhythm and listening, developing a sense of “collective time.” Students will gain a heightened awareness of the conductor’s role in an ensemble. All instruments welcome! Band takes place on both Tuesdays and Fridays; members of the JMSG Band are required to attend both weekly sessions.
    • Library Lounge
    • Yard Games
    • Laptop study hall for homework only
    • Studio Art: for those girls who would like to explore and deepen their art
    • Girls in Government, Leadership, and Service: during the first semester, this group will plan and host the Women of Courage Panel on 2/1/18, honoring Rosa Parks; throughout much of the school year the girls will continue the Equal Rights Amendment project.
    • Yard Games
    • Laptop study hall for homework only
    • Blueprint (yearbook – open to 8th graders only; requires two Cornerstone periods a week, both Monday and Thursday, and is a year commitment)
    • 6th Grade Math Games: Looking for some fun on Thursday mornings? Can’t get enough math? This activity is for 6th grade girls who are looking for ways to stretch their brains, for girls who love numbers, patterns, puzzles and endless possibilities, and for girls who love to have fun doing it. (There are also a few mini prizes involved!)
    • Library Lounge
    • Yard Games
    • Laptop study hall for homework only
    • Band
    • Library Lounge
    • Yard Games
    • Laptop study hall for homework only
  • High School Lab

    HS Lab aims to support 8th grade students with multiple facets of the private application process during the first trimester. HS Lab will generally take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and will have three components:

    Open Sessions will be unscheduled time for individual students to seek personalized support with the application process, particularly essays and interviews.

    Standardized Test-Taking Practice will provide students with opportunities to try 40 minute long sections of the three different standardized tests: the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT. As part of Test Practice, students will be given tools to track their progress and identify areas of strength and areas to shore up with independent study.

    Group Sessions will provide a forum for students to share perspectives and gain support on topics such as "Public v. Private Options" and "Stress!!!"
  • Robotics Club

    Robotics Club meets after school on Wednesday and Friday. Any girl interested in extending their knowledge of engineering though programming and building robots may participate. The Robotics Club curriculum using materials from the First Lego League, a robotics program for 9 to 14 year old children, is designed to get children excited about science and technology and teach them valuable employment and life skills. During Robotics Club, girls work in groups with a specialty of either building, programming, or researching. The Robotics Club competition season culminates with an annual competition hosted by First Lego League.

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