Julia Morgan School for Girls is committed to creating a school community that is accessible to everyone. Economic diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families. To achieve this goal, the School offers Flexible Tuition to students whose families apply and demonstrate a financial need.

The Julia Morgan School Flexible Tuition Program is open to all families who participate in the application process. Families submit information about their financial resources and the school uses standard criteria and NAIS best practices to determine Flexible Tuition awards.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is $28,560*. All program and field trip expenses included.

Additional fees:
  • $100 non-refundable application fee (Early application fee of $80 if received by December 2, 2017)
  • One-time new student enrollment fee of $1,065*
  • Technology fee of $325 (1:1 iPad implementation fee/year for incoming 6th grade)
  • After School Options
  • After School Study Hall
* Tuition and fee rates are subject to change annually. Typically tuition changes 5-7% per year.

Flexible Tuition FAQs

List of 19 frequently asked questions.

  • Is Flexible Tuition available to all families?

    Yes, Flexible Tuition is available to families that demonstrate the need for reduced tuition. Need is determined to be the difference between a family’s resources and the cost of a student’s educational expenses.
  • How many students at Julia Morgan School receive Flexible Tuition?

    Thirty-one percent of our students receive Flexible Tuition with tuition ranging from 5% to 90% of the total tuition.
  • How is eligibility for Flexible Tuition determined?

    Julia Morgan School uses the information families provide to School & Student Services By NAIS (SSS BY NAIS) as a guideline to help the Flexible Tuition Committee estimate a family’s ability to pay the tuition. The amount of tuition is assessed based on the SSS BY NAIS application and previous and current year tax returns (including all schedules and W-2s). Throughout the process, we make every effort to take into account each family’s particular circumstances. Adhering to all deadline dates is essential. Click on the SSS BY NAIS icon (at right) to begin the application process.
  • How is the family contribution calculated?

    Family circumstances vary widely. Often families with similar incomes have different financial need due to differences in financial circumstances other than income. Julia Morgan School reviews all documentation required to complete the application process. The Flexible Tuition Committee assesses each family’s situation individually looking at its entire financial picture.
  • What if I don’t have my 2016 taxes ready in time for the deadline?

    It is important that the Flexible Tuition Committee has all information on which to base its allocation decisions. Plan to make a tax appointment as early as possible so that you can submit a copy of your return by FEBRUARY 28, 2017 (New Families) or APRIL 15, 2017 (Returning Families). Adhering to all deadline dates is essential. Failure to provide tax information will result in the Committee’s inability to determine or recommend a reduced tuition. Flexible Tuition will not be awarded unless we have received all required paperwork and tax returns. For Returning Families: All Flexible Tuition awards are subject to receipt of tax returns and verification of information provided on the application. Awards may be revised if all application materials cannot be verified. Flexible Tuition applications received after the deadline will be processed only after all on-time applications. Funds may not be available for late applicants. (New Families: The deadline for Flexible Tuition application materials may seem early, but is necessary to include in the award letters that are finalized and mailed together to applicants.)
  • I am self-employed. How does this affect my Flexible Tuition application?

    You are still expected to submit the SSS by NAIS application and your tax returns along with any additional employment information you can provide.
  • If only one parent works outside of the home, will the student be considered for tuition assistance?

    Julia Morgan School assumes that all adult family members will work to contribute to the investment of a Julia Morgan School education. The Committee will impute income for parents or guardians who choose not to work and adjust the ESTIMATED FAMILY CONTRIBUTION accordingly. A family member not work, with preschool-aged children, changing jobs or other extraordinary circumstances should make the Committee aware of these circumstances.
  • Will applying to Flexible Tuition affect my daughter's chance of being accepted? (New Families Only)

    No, a family's ability to pay does not affect a student's acceptance by the School.
  • When will I find out if my daughter has been offered Flexible Tuition? (New Families Only)

    Admission acceptance letters are sent out on March 9, 2017 and will include notification of Flexible Tuition. Flexible Tuition decisions will not be granted until we have received all required paper work and tax returns. (Returning Families: Your enrollment contract will be mailed in early February and will include notification of Flexible Tuition subject to receipt of tax information.)
  • Are all students who are offered admission also offered Flexible Tuition if their parents qualify? (New Families Only)

    Unfortunately, no. The number of accepted students whose families qualify for reduced tuition usually exceeds the school's budget. The School is not able to guarantee funding for all deserving students.
  • My spouse and I are separated/divorced. Do we both need to apply for flexible tuition?

    Yes! Both parents/guardians are expected to contribute to the payment of their daughter's tuition regardless of legal agreements. Julia Morgan School considers the income and assets of all of a child's parents and adults in her household to evaluate its ability to pay and requires all parents, including non-custodial parents, to submit the SSS by NAIS application and their taxes by the deadlines. Julia Morgan School may require a copy of the divorce decree or custodial agreement. All submitted information will be kept confidential. Such information is never shared with other family members.
  • I am not in contact with my daughter's non-custodial parent. What if I cannot get financial information from him/her?

    Julia Morgan School requires all parents, including non-custodial parents, to complete the Flexible Tuition application process. To waive this requirement requires completion of the Julia Morgan School non-custodial waiver and third party documentation that the non-custodial parent is in an unknown location and has not communicated with the custodial parent or child for the most recent  two-year period. This documentation may be in the form of statement from people outside the immediate family who have known the custodial parent for at least two years. If a family member believes circumstances warrant waiving this requirement, please contact the admission office, immediately, for additional instructions and documentation to complete with your applications. The signed waiver and documentation must be completed and returned to the School no later than January 9, 2017.
  • I am unmarried, but there are other adults in the household. Does this affect my tuition assistance?

    Yes. In case of co-habitation, Julia Morgan School considers the entire household income, whatever the legal status of the family unit might be. The School maintains the philosophy that requires active participation of a student's entire family in funding this educational opportunity. The School requires a completed SSS by NAIS application representative of the entire household. Parents, guardians, domestic partners, and/or step-parents contribute to a household's resources and are expected to play a role in calculating a family's tuition needs.
  • If my daughter is awarded Flexible Tuition for her first year at JMSG, is she guaranteed Flexible Tuition assistance for the rest of her time at school?

    Families must reapply for Flexible Tuition each year. Provided family circumstances remain similar and the School's resources can continue to support the family, the family will be asked to pay the tuition they can best afford. Parents are required to submit the SSS by NAIS application each year. Adhering to all Flexible Tuition deadline dates are essential.
  • If my daughter does not receive Flexible Tuition for her first year at JMSG, can we apply for next year?

    Families are always welcome to apply for the first time for Flexible Tuition. We do our best to meet your family's needs so that they can remain at JMSG for all three years. However, priority is given to families who currently receive Flexible Tuition and to incoming new sixth (or new seventh) grade families. The School assumes newly enrolling families not admitted with Flexible Tuition will be able to pay the full tuition throughout the duration of their daughter's years at Julia Morgan School.
  • I submitted my JMSG Flexible Tuition application and supporting materials later than the deadline. Does this affect my Flexible Tuition amount?

    Yes. Flexible Tuition applications received after the stated deadlines will be processed after all applications received on time have been processed. Adhering to all deadline dates is essential.
  • You have asked for a lot of personal information. Is my information confidential and safe?

    Yes! Please be assured that all information will be kept in the strictest confidence. 
  • How do I apply?

    Flexible Tuition is provided one year at a time and, so, you must reapply each year. To start the process follow the SSS by NAIS application link on our website. Online e-mail and telephone helpline is provided at sss@nais.org or 800.344.8328. Additional help is available here.
  • Who can I speak with if I have more questions about tuition and/or Flexible Tuition?

    Questions should be addressed to Laurie Rothermel at 510.632.6000, ext. 103 or lrothermel@juliamorganschool.org.

Questions about tuition or Flexible Tuition?

Laurie Rothermel, Enrollment Manager
510.632.6000 x103


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