Our Mission is to prepare our students to be the confident, capable, creative, and compassionate women of tomorrow.
We are dedicated to the intellectual, creative, social and emotional growth of girls during their critical middle school years. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities and positive role models not fully afforded girls in coeducational institutions. We strive to create an arena for academic excellence, critical thinking, positive risk-taking, and the development of individual talents. Learning will extend beyond the walls of the classroom into the community to foster compassion and social responsibility.

Julia Morgan School for Girls is committed to creating a school community that reflects the remarkable diversity of the East Bay. In addition, we aspire to serve as a resource on girls' education for public and independent school educators.

Our school was created by a group of educators, parents and members of the community at large who believed that East Bay girls would be well served by the existence of a girls' middle school. As educators, they were inspired by the demonstrated successes of an all-girl education; as parents, they wanted the best for their daughters. The Founders believed a girls' school would enable girls to develop their individual voices and acquire the intellectual and social tools to realize their full potential.

The creators of the School brought a wide range of expertise in teaching, education administration, gender equity, child psychology, art, journalism, science, and law. They came together in the fall of 1996 from diverse backgrounds but united in a singular vision - to create an all-girls' middle school.

JMSG Plans for the Future

CAIS Major Commendations and Recommendations

  • CAIS Major Commendations and Recommendations
    In May 2012, JMSG received a full six-year accreditation by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). As we are a young institution, we are proud to have been granted a full term accreditation both times that we have been evaluated by CAIS.

    The accreditation process began with a self-study process that took eighteen months and culminated when the CAIS Visiting Team joined us in March for four days of interviews and observations. Through our Self-Study, the JMSG community identified areas that deserve our focus during this next stage of growth. The CAIS Visiting Committee has supported our findings as you can see in the list of Major Recommendations. A Major Recommendation added by the Visiting Committee addresses the area of fundraising.

    It is indeed a testament to our Faculty and Staff that we received the full term accreditation.  To quote one of the Major Commendations: “The Committee Commends the faculty, staff, and administration on the exemplary collegiality and support they extend to each other on a daily basis as demonstrated by the way in which they share space, collaborate regarding curriculum, and extend themselves to meeting the needs of the girls who are entrusted to their care”.

Why Julia Morgan?

Julia Morgan (1872-1957) was a renowned and innovative architect who paved the way for women in architecture. She was the first woman to graduate from the College of Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, the first woman admitted to and certified by the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris, and the first licensed woman architect in the State of California.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Julia Morgan designed over 600 structures. Many of her public works are buildings dedicated for use by women. She excelled in math, science, and engineering while displaying a unique artistic genius. Morgan’s ability to overcome great obstacles and break barriers for women in the combined fields of art and technology makes her life and spirit an invaluable inspiration.

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