JMSG Joins in National School Walkout

The Walkout is being organized as a way to put pressure on Congress to pass tighter gun control laws.
In preparation for this event, Head of School Sandra Luna shared with the students what the Walkout represented and what we would do at JMSG for those who wanted to participate. Sandra also shared how young people throughout the history of the U.S. have made their voices heard, and often led movements for change and that we find ourselves now at one of those moments. She also shared the changes that have taken place as a result of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas so far not only in Florida with the new bill just passed, but also in five other states over the last few weeks. Because our students are a mere 4-6 years away from casting a vote, Sandra let them how powerful this right is and to not ever underestimate the power of their voices with those who govern.
Although we focused on changing the laws for more stringent gun control and not on the devastating and heartbreaking violence, Sandra spoke about how the high school students who survived decided to turn their sadness and anger into action.
During Cornerstone this morning, girls came to the Ming Quong room to make signs for the Walkout. At 10:00AM, girls who wanted to join faculty and staff marched up to Mills Hall and back to school. At lunch, our School Counselor was available to speak with girls who wanted or needed to process more.

JMSG joined other CAIS school in solidarity with an ad about gun violence and school safety that appeared in the SF Chronicle and LA Times on March 11, 2018.