Inspirational Woman of the Week: Jalena Keane-Lee

Jalena is the co-founder of Blue Peel Productions, an all-female video production company that aims to empower women both behind and in front of the camera through innovative and engaging storytelling that has a social impact. Before Jalena graduated from Wellesley College, she made her first documentary The Construct: Female Laborers and the Fight for Equality which "capture(s) the compelling personal narratives of Burmese female construction workers, giving a voice to the women physically constructing development in what has been until recently one of the most isolated nations in the world." Jalena recently screened this film to an intimate group at JMSG. She is currently working on her second documentary surrounding the conflict around Mauna Kea where the international astronomical community plans to build a 30 meter telescope (the biggest ever) on the volcano which is a sacred place for Native Hawaiians.