Strategic Plan

Boldly Moving Forward

In 2021, Julia Morgan School for Girls (JMSG) launches a new era as we welcome a new Head of School for the first time in over a decade, respond to a changing East Bay, emerge from the pandemic, and embrace the national call for equity, anti-racism, and the Movement for Black Lives. Amidst these changes, the JMSG Board of Trustees and administration, including both outgoing and incoming Heads of School, developed this Strategic Plan. The Plan is designed to guide the school for the next five years, ensuring that we adhere to our core commitments and that we continue to be a place where girls thrive in an environment of academic excellence. The Plan also embraces the opportunity of this moment in time, moving the school forward and ensuring that JMSG continues to be a national leader in girls’ education. The Plan thus intentionally includes core expectations that we are already meeting, as well as expectations on which we are working. Together, these expectations define the JMSG experience and set the standards by which we measure the school.

Consistent with JMSG’s commitment to an inclusive and engaged community, this Plan was built with input from faculty and staff. JMSG faculty and staff are the heart and soul of the school; they were valued contributors and partners in the development of the Plan and its successful implementation lies as much with them as with the Board of Trustees and administration.

The Strategic Plan is structured around four key commitments:

• A Commitment to Academic Excellence

• A Commitment to Girls’ Education

• A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

• A Commitment to Organizational Strength and Sustainability

For each commitment, we outline our expectations and identify the strategies we are using to ensure that we are meeting those expectations. Using the Plan as a guide, JMSG’s Board of Trustees and Head of School will engage in continuous self-assessment over the next five years to ensure that Julia Morgan School for Girls continues to lead the field, and to ensure that every JMSG graduate is prepared to step into her future as a confident, capable, creative, and compassionate leader.

— Julia Morgan School for Girls Board of Trustees, 2021