With over 900 alum, JMSG has come a long way since the school graduated its first class of 49 girls in 2002. As our Founding Head of School Ann Clarke predicted, our alum are creating their own "historical moments" as they move from college to the professional world. From scientists and artists to doctors and lawyers, they continue to share with us the impact JMSG has made in their careers and passions, proving that they are the confident, capable, creative, and compassionate leaders of today.
"I want to build a high school that would empower women like Julia Morgan has empowered me."

-Leti Faotusia, '11

Dreaming of a Girls' School of Her Own

My vision is to transform my future group of girls into women with pride and power. It’s because of JMSG’s great community and faith in every student, that I have become interested in sharing this feeling, of courage to achieve anything, with my home island: Tonga.

After hearing many stories and meeting a few people who had been educated in Tonga, I was surprised by the mass differences in our school experiences. I observed how the character between males and females were split into this old fashion idea of: men worked hard and changed the world, and women cleaned the house and cared for the kids. I then compared it to how the majority of teenage Tongans, in America, weren’t receiving an education, not because it wasn’t available but because it wasn’t pushed upon them. This disobedience of not pursuing their education would often times lead to their parents sending them to Tonga, where school is the only time consuming activity. These two observations gave me the idea to open a high school that would provide low tuition, art and academic curricula, and a community that would impact the lives of girls. At the end of their experience I want every young woman to feel that they are open to all opportunities, even outside of Tonga.

The biggest impact Julia Morgan made on my educational experience is comfort. At all girls’ schools students are able to express themselves and be weird without having to feel insecure. The school is a place where students would push each other, support each other, and love each other. School is the core of where a majority of our character is created. The environment of an all girls’ school helps benefit the self-esteem of the students and guides their futures in a positive way.
"I realized I could make a difference. Having the chance to talk and present a video at two conferences really made me proud because I realized that I had educated so many people and inspired so many people to make a difference."

- Danielle West, '13

Impacting Change

The connections made at one of the Alliance for Girls' gatherings have led to an extraordinary experience for the girls involved and for one of our girls, already life-changing. Danielle West ('13), one of the African-American girls involved in both projects became particularly touched by the gender wage disparity for African-American women. She decided that she wanted to take steps that could impact change in the system that makes the disparity possible. As a result, she decided that working as a leader in government offered her the best opportunity to impact her community. She applied and was granted a seat on the Hayward Youth Commission. Presently, she considers this to be a first step and plans to continue in government, making a foray into elected positions when the time comes. Click here to watch Danielle in a short video for Alliance for Girls.

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