Girls fill every role at JMSG:
they are the speakers, technicians, engineers, thinkers, writers, singers, artists, scientists, athletes, actors, and leaders.

We Are Rosa Parks

    • We Are Rosa Parks

      GGLS share their closing speech from the Women of Courage Panel in Honor of Rosa Parks event.

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Women of Courage in Honor of Rosa Parks


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Parent Education Series

Parent Education Series features guest speakers that enhance parent education about developmental and educational issues, parenting, cognitive growth, brain research, and how it impacts JMSG curriculum and other topics relevant to middle school parents. Past speakers have included New York Times bestseller Peggy Orenstein and leading authority on child development and brain research and JMSG Advisory Board Member Dr. JoAnn Deak.

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Girls Summer Camp 2015

Join us for summer fun! June 15-July 2, 2015. Click HERE for details and to register.

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